My Music Ticket

It's Time To Get PAID!

Say Good Bye To MySpace, FaceBook
And YouTube!


My Music Ticket is a Social Portal like MySpace And Facebook. You can register for FREE and use it as you use the other social sites. Just a big difference, you get paid for what you do.

  • You get points for every task you do. Check profiles out. Chat, Blog, Email.  Create videos. Free Trial for one of 250,000 top choice Music Songs.

  • Promote your store or own products and services. You get paid as you get paid per task and for every visitor to your page.

  • You can have up to 50 pages just like any webpage, blog or emaillist etc.
  • Most Social Networking sites struggle with a cash flow dilemma. They make money on ads. But they do not get all their members active with their portal. Now all members get paid for what they do. Do people like to GET Paid? You Bet!

    Who can use this site?

  • For everyone who want to get paid for what they already do online. The Pro Buisness Builder package also fits well with all eBay Power Sellers as well as Musicians and other creative people who have hard time getting noticed.

  • You have a storefront that is eCommerce ready where you can sell an unlimited number of items.

  • MyMusicticket also makes sure that if you are not a great Marketer, you can buy traffic with up to 1 million hits per month.

  • And yes, you get paid for EVERY visit as EVERY page view pays YOU.

  • You can also make Money referreing others. So called Fast Start Bonuses on the Merchant and PRO packages.
    Plus you make monthly residual. And if that was not enough you also make money from a 3x10 Forced Matrix which matures at $118,000 A Month residual.